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"8" of Cael 8 represents the height stages for an album project :

  1. Recording studio ;
  2. Audio mixing ;
  3. Audio mastering ;
  4. Graphics standards ;
  5. Web concept ;
  6. Communication ;
  7. Distribution ;
  8. Event organization.


Why "Cael" ? Cael is an ancestral first name. You want to know cause you like this project ? A little of research will help you to understand...






loic3        Cael 8  is a young french music composer, producer.  He plays all instruments and make himself all his production. Songs are about human race behavior.  

      Born in 1981 in Martigues in southern France, since his childhood, he bathes in a musical universe that plays an important role in his family environment.

One of his best memories is of his mother playing the piano when he was four years old ... He spent his time to stick his ear on it to feel the musical vibrations. Thus he learned classical music from Chopin, Mozart, Bach, etc ... To him his mother was a great "performer". In addition, the musical tastes of his parents were very eclectic.
He started classical guitar at eight years in a music school.
The years go by. At 13 he started playing the guitar / bass and integrates his first rock band. It already feels at this age that music is the most important in his life.
He played later in several bands, trying out different styles and instruments, allowing it to increase sensitivity and a valuable practice  in arrangement techniques.




Cael 8 is fascinated by nature and is eternal one humanitarian.

The themes of his musics are varied. However, among his favourite subjects, we shall find the revolt against a perfectly oiled system creating the need, through the media, the industry, the excessive advertising, the destruction of the planet dying slowly a little bit more every day...

" It is clear that industry hides us many things to keep the monopoly and continue its development. Except, the functioning of the industry, generally, requires massive refusals of waste and garbages, if we consider the number of factories on the planet, the planet turns badly. Why to maintain this evil while a general will would be enough to change all this? The answer is simple: the lure of gain.

Some people get rich of some million euro every day, because what they have is never enough, one always needs more. But how that infernal machine continues to turn work while the most important message of this century is that the planet dies? By maintaining and by creating their needs, the human beings forget a blessing in disguise which is not one...


The creation of the need is a simple concept: let us show every day to people that what we propose them is a necessity, a need. Cars, American fridges, watches, designer clothes, etc. are so many things which maintain the industry strong

Did you know the time, still few time there ago, 25 years at the most, supermarkets did not exist or little , the period when tolls of highway were not still machines? In this time, the contact between human beings still existed, but we lose him(it), always more. Machines replace people, and those who stay in the massive industry of creation of comfort products work on a production line, where from my EP's name" Flesh for sale .

It's terrible to notice that man forget that the best is the simplest: a glance on stars to feel small. But the lights of cities removed them. We do not any more take time to look at the stars.

I live in an almost wild nature which teaches me every day that the food flows like water if we respect the nature, it gives us what we need: wild loic1 
animals, plentiful vegetation in all the places of the world. But we got out of the habit of observing... We are afraid of the stranger, we live in a world that we don't control anymore! Do we perfectly know how our car, our refrigerator, our TV, our air conditioning work? No, we are lost as all the others, we follow the guide to survive

The advertising(publicity) spreading out and showing us the road to be followed... But are we really happy in this context? I do not believe sincerely, or in very brief moments. From our youngest age, we impose us enormous responsibilities to make a success(to succeed): have good notes at the school, be beautiful to be accepted, etc.... The life of a man amounts to its responsibilities.

The man is in overpopulation, truly, because nobody accepts the death anymore. It 's normal, but why, human beings, we allow we to say that the other species are in overpopulation? Wild rabbits, wild boars, ducks, etc. which were there well before us and were really more, are set in atrocious traps nearby my home (and not only) because they take advantage of cultures of the human beings to feed. Regrettably, these animals have not our intellectual possibilities, their planet does not belong to them any more, they became parasites. We do not make it enough with the meat industry, the evil extends and as long as the human being will not question itself, the massive destruction of the planet will continue.
The debat is certainly ecological, but it also aims at putting back " the human being in its shoes ". It will be moreover the subject of my next album: " Time after-party time ".

The planet dies every day a little bit more, its balance is broken and the only thing that man do to feel reassured is to look at the other planets on which he could settle down.
All this, is so sad ".


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